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The Hyphenated Wars

Hyphenated Wars


Historical Overview

Who Used What? Weapons of the German Campaigns of 1866

Uniform Plates and Painting Guides for the Hyphenated Wars

The Battle of Mentana 1867

The Battle of Calatafimi 1860

1870: Some Reading for Wargamers

15mm Figures for 19th Century European Wars

25mm/28mm Miniatures for 19th Century European Wars

Miniatures Rules for the Hyphenated Wars

25mm/28mm Miniatures for 19th Century European Wars

This page attempts to list the miniatures ranges currently available (as of spring 2018) for the various conflicts of the period 1848 to 1871 in Europe - the Hyphenated Wars - including the 1st Italian War of Independence, the Hungarian Revolution, the 1st and 2nd Schleswig-Holstein Wars, other conflicts of the 1848 Spring of Nations, the Franco-Austrian War, the Austro-Prussian War, the Franco-Prussian War, and the various conflicts of the Risorgimento. Also included are figures for some related European conflicts (Russo-Turkish, The Greek War of Independence, and the Carlist and Crimean Wars), extending the period to 1821 to 1878. Napoleonic and American Civil War figures, while sometimes useful for these conflicts, have too many producers to be included here.

An attempt has been made to be as comprehensive as possible, including in some cases sources of figures for other conflicts which may prove useful with little or no conversion. Because many figures are appropriate for several of these conflicts, I have made no attempt to organize these by which war they are intended for, but merely provide links so that the various ranges may be explored by the reader.

For a more comprehensive listing for the 19th century, including colonial conflicts, 28mm Reviews has a 19th Century page. If there is a source of figures which I have omitted, please contact me and I will update the listing.

    Wargames Foundry: Wargames Foundry make two ranges of interest - a Franco-Prussian line and a Crimean War range. Both are comprehensive, so the Franco-Prussian line covers some of the more obscure German states, and the Crimean line has Italian infantry in epaulettes which may be useful for 1848-era conflicts. Other Foundry ranges may also include useful figures, notably the French Revolution range (for 1848 and earlier revolutionaries) and the Victorian Civilians range.

    Eagles of Empire: These are beautifully sculpted contemporary-scale 28mm figures for the Franco-Prussian War, covering both sides. Annoyingly, they are sold packaged specifically for the manufacturer's rules in "squads," giving gamers little control over what figures are bought - a problem if the pre-packaging doesn't suit. They are also available from eBob Miniatures, who was presumably their sculptor.

    Castaway Arts: Another Australian company which produces a Franco-Prussian line, they have foot, guard, some cavalry (chasseurs d'Afrique) and mounted officer/general figures. Figures are available individually - they may be a bit pricey with postage, but this is free if a large enough order is placed. The sculpting is very nice.

    Northstar: Northstar produces two ranges of interest: 1864, covering Danes for the 2nd Schleswig-Holstein War, and 1866, which provides Prussians and Austrians suitable for 1864 onward. The figures are contemporary large 25mm, and are designed to match the old Helion range (I'm not sure what the relationship is between them at this point, since Helion is now strictly a publisher of books). The sculpting is excellent, but the artillery pieces are made in resin, not metal, in some cases. Northstar also provides painting guides, scenarios, and other interesting reference material for the period in their 1866 Magazine.

    Eureka: Eureka is an Australian company with several ranges of interest. They have Danes for 1864 and Austrians for 1864/1866, with some Victorian figures in their Civilians and Vignettes line. They also have figures for the Russo-Turkish War, and a few figures for the Franco-Prussian War. In their Colonials category they have a variety of troops which may be useful including Greek Evzones from the 1890s. All are found in their 28mm range, although they are not as bulky as some other manufacturer's 28mm figures. They are also available from Eureka USA and, in the UK, from Fighting 15s.

    Black Hussar Miniatures: This is a German company producing 25mm figures for the Prussian army of 1864-1871. They have mostly infantry sets, although they do one of Bismarck and von Moltke mounted, along with some themed vignettes. The figures are on the slender side. (The website is available in English - look for the little German flag and select Englisch. When you change pages the site will switch languages.)

    19th Century Miniatures/Battle Honours: 19th Century Miniatures has the old Battle Honours range of French and Austrians for 1859 and later wars. The ranges include Austrian infantry, cavalry, artillery, and mounted command for 1859 and 1866, and French infantry, foot guard, and artillery for 1859 (and, by extension, 1867 and 1870). The range is no longer being sculpted, but is fairly extensive. Sculpting is excellent - figures come in packs of 24 infantry (including command), 8 cavalry, or 3 guns and twelve crew. These are standard (but not the even smaller "true") 25mm figures, and may seem on the small side when compared to more contemporary 28mm figures.

    Spencer Smith Miniatures: This British producer has many different lines of miniatures, some with a very long pedigree. Of interest are the 28mm Franco-Prussian line linked to here (which features a mitrailleuse and crew), and also Crimean and FPW ranges under the "Tradition" line.

    Steve Barber: Several of Steve Barber's 28mm ranges are useful for those looking at figures for the less common parts of the Hyphenated Wars: he does a set of Saxons for 1870, as well as more typical Prussian line infantry; he has a range for the Hungarian and Austrian armies of 1848-49; he does a range called "Europe in Revolution" which has Polish and Russian figures for 1830/1848, and some Italians for 1848; and he has a line of Turks and Greeks for the Greek War of Independence (1821-1830).

    Irregular Miniatures: In their 28mm ranges, Irregular has figures for the Italian Wars of Unification (including Garibaldini), Austro-Prussian, Franco-Austrian, and Franco-Prussian Wars.

    Gringo 40s: In their Garibaldi's War/Italian War of Independence range are contemporary-size 28mm figures for Garibaldini, Picciotti (including some female Briganti - you have to look on the menu to the left of the page for the link), Neapolitans, Piedmontese, and troops for the Papal States. These are beautiful figures.

    Frontier: 25mm Austro-Prussian, Franco-Prussian, and Crimea ranges may be useful for various figures. These are small "true" 25mm, so may not fit in with more contemporary sculpting. There has been much talk about the availability and non-availability of these ranges - the URL here takes you to the Haus of Stuff, which is now managed by Tactical Edge, the current owner of these figure lines (so far as I can discover...). I include these ranges here for the sake of completeness, assuming that they either are or will be available again in the future - there is a phone number listed on the site, so you can call before ordering. You can find Frontier figures at Noble Knight Games sometimes.

    Mirliton: Italian manufacturer Mirliton makes 25mm figures covering the Garibaldini, Piedmontese, Austrians, French, Papal States, and Neapolitans. Ranges are fairly comprehensive. They are fairly slender when compared to some other lines. Figures are suitable for the 1859, 1860, and 1867 conflicts, and may be good for some later wars as well depending on the nationality.

    Outpost Wargame Services: This is a contemporary 28mm line for the Russo-Turkish War, with fairly comprehensive coverage. The line continues to expand as well. They cover Bulgarians, Russians, Turks, and Romanians. Outpost is a British company - in the US, their figures are available from Badger Games.

    Great War Miniatures (Northstar): Although focused on WWI (as their name might suggest), Northstar also produces a Crimean War line, covering Russia, France, and Britain. The French have many applications for earlier in the Hyphenated Wars era, and the Russians (as for any helmeted infantry figures for the Crimean War) are candidates for simple conversion to 1848 Prussians and other infantry wearing the early version of the Picklehaub. The figures are contemporary 28mm, and the sculpting is very nice.

    Askari Miniatures: Specializing in colonial figures for several different European countries (and their opponents), Askari has some useful French figures for the Franco-Prussian War and both Turks and Russians for 1877. Hidden under their Accessories tab is a set of armed Spanish monks which would work nicely for the 1st Carlist War, too. The figures are contemporary 28mm, with nice, clean sculpting.

    Perry Miniatures: Among their metal ranges is a comprehensive line of figures for the 1st (and likely 2nd) Carlist War. Notable here are the French Foreign Legion figures, some of which are wearing the tall shako and have many uses outside of Spain for early in the Hyphenated Wars period. The British marines (and some other figures) have the bell-topped shako and are still wearing tails, making them ideal for conversion to Danish figures for the 1st Schleswig-Holstein War still wearing the old uniform. Also useful are the rioter sets from their American Civil War line - armed civilians which are excellent for 1848 revolutionaries. Consistent with their other historical figures, these are all contemporary 28mm in size, and beautifully sculpted.

    Brittania Miniatures: Now part of Grubby Tanks, Britannia has an extensive line of 28mm figures for the Crimean War, covering British, Russian, and French participants. Sculpting is on the chunky side, so these figures may not mix well with less-well-fed miniatures from other manufacturers.

    Lancashire Games: Among their 25mm ranges is one for the 1st Carlist War.

    Trent Miniatures: Although not strictly within the period we are covering here, Trent Miniatures' Chouan rebels from their French Revolutionary War line make excellent figures for use as (or conversion to) revolutionaries from the 1830s and 1848. They are 28mm in size with a heavier build.

    Ironclad Miniatures: Although not a manufacturer of strictly historical figures, Ironclad does have some French and Prussian figures in their Victorian Sci-Fi and Steampunk line which are suitable for later 19th-Century conflicts. These are large 28mm figures, as is common for miniatures intended for the Steampunk market. The sculpting is nice and clean. (They also have British in home service uniforms.)

    In Her Majesty's Name (Northstar): If you are dying to pay too much for four historical figures (accompanied by a set of non-historical fictional types), North Star's "Society of Thule" set in their In Her Majesty's Name line has four historical Prussian jaeger figures, along with some zombie jaegers and other silliness. Nice contemporary 28mm sculpts. (Maybe you can think of a way to use some of these to genially annoy your wargaming buddies...)

    Ebor Miniatures: Ebor makes contemporary 28mm miniatures for the Crimean War, covering the British and Russians.

    Shako 64: 28mm figures for the Bourbon troops of the 1860 Risorgimento conflicts, with a Kickstarter for doing Garibaldini.

    Warlord Games: As part of their ever-expanding Black Powder ranges, Warlord has figures for the Crimea. These are contemporary 28mm figures with very nice sculpting. As with all their lines, some figures may be in hard plastic, and some figures will combine metal and plastic, while others will be metal - their site will usually specify.

    Heroes of the Dark Age: This producer is based in Cornwall, UK, and makes a 28mm line called Franco-Prussian but also containing Austrians uniformed for 1859.

    Cibo's Little Dudes: An extensive 28mm Risorgimento line covering France, Austria, Sardinia, Parma, Papal and "Bourbon" (Neapolitan?) armies, with a focus on the earlier part of these conflicts - Austrians are wearing the cylindrical shako used in 1848, etc.

    1866 Miniatures: A new manufacturer as of 2018, 1866 Miniatures produces Hanoverian infantry, artillery, and cavalry. Rumor has it they will also be producing Prussian landwehr (which featured in the fighting in Hanover historically). They are comparable in size to Northstar 1864/1866 and similar lines - standard contemporary 28mm.

    Wee Wolf Miniatures: Wee Wolf produce a line of modern 28mm Franco-Prussian figures which are compatible in size and proportions with such lines as Battle Honours. They are beautiful figures, hailing from the Footsore line. Wee Wolf has plans to expand the line, however, which currently is only covering the French. The company is US-based.

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