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15mm Miniatures for 19th Century European Wars

While I prefer to game in 25mm, the sheer size of many of the European battles of the 19th Century requires smaller figures to fit the average wargame table-top and wargamer's pocketbook. For this reason, the following listing confines itself to 15mm and the newer 18mm figures. The listing holds only dedicated figure ranges concerned with the following 19th-Century European conflicts:

I am excluding colonial conflicts (although it is not always easy to define the term) and I am excluding many post-Napoleonic 19th Century conflicts which were essentially European in style but did not take place within Europe or the nearer part of Asia which concerned the European powers of the day (that is, outside the Balkans and south-eastern Russia). Also, some minor conflicts (i.e., the Swiss Civil War, the Belgian Revolution) have been ignored as simply a bit too obscure for dedicated figure ranges, while - as ever - the forgotten elephant lurks quietly in the room: the Hungarian War of Independence of 1848-49, for which no one will probably ever make figures... Anyone who has a subscription to MagWeb should read Bill Haggart's excellent write-up of the conflict for MWAN. (Also, for MagWeb subscribers, the now-defunct magazine Clash of Empires has a lot of useful information.)

Further, this list includes only dedicated ranges aimed at these conflicts, although many other ranges will have suitable figures. Notably, any Napoleonic or ACW range will have figures which are useful, and many companies make French Colonial figures (and other colonial figures) which are also directly useful. Listing out all of these ranges is not the point of this exercise, although I may extend it to cover these in the future.

I cannot claim that this list is exhaustive - I have tried my best to locate all of the manufacturers and ranges, but I'm sure there are some I've missed. My thanks to the Blood and Iron Yahoo! Group for some useful pointers. If you see any errors or omissions, please contact me at: ilg21@yahoo.com.

I have supplied at least one current URL, usually to the figure manufacturer, and sometimes have supplied additional URLS for UK and/or US distributors. Note that Prussian ranges typically cover Bavarians, and sometimes some of the other confederate states like Hannover, etc. I leave this to you to investigate. In most cases, where the name of a conflict is listed, all combatants are covered by the range in question.

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